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Taste Worth Telling

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Let your dad know how much you appreciate them! Order now!

Just In! Wagyu Sukiyaki Don

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I tasted your sushi and I've got  to say.. OMG po. to be really honest, I didn't have  hopes/ expectations kasi I've ordered other sushi bakes before but your version TAKES THE CAKE. It's really really worth the price. I love how it's spicyy and creamy. will never order from another store again. maraming salamat po.


Omg! This is so goooood! Thank you so much taste and tell! I've tried so many sushi bake but this one is FIRST HONOR ❤️


And a big THANK YOU to the rider who braved the strong rain, with matching thunder and lightning! You made our Father’s Day celebration complete. Such dedication is highly commendable. Thank you so much! Happy Father’s Day po Kuya rider. 🥰 I’m just so thankful to you guys—the effort you put into making the best sushi bake is amazing. It’s one of the best food the pandemic baked into existence. (Pun intended. 🤣)

Elaine Obles

Me and my daughter's are one of your Loyalista for your Kani Aburi.. we've tried so many kinds of sushi bakes.. but nothing and no one ever beaten yours! Simply perfection. Could not wait to try the Crepe samurai love❤️


The kani aburi is still the best! Tried so many already from different sellers but yours is honestly the best. First time to try the mango samurai. Soooo good!!! Thank you so much ☺️ will order again