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Premium Boat Moriawase (13-15 pax)

Premium Boat Moriawase (13-15 pax)

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-Boats should be returned the same day or by 7:30am the following day. 
-Security deposit of 5,000php is already included in the total price. 
-P1,000 will be deducted to the security deposit if the boat failed to arrive on time. 
-In the event when boat is lost or cannot be returned an additional of P10,000 will fined

Salmon Sushi Moriawase
2 Hanai Ebiko
2 Hanai Ikura
2 Hanai Tamago Aburi
2 Hanai Spicy Salmon Aburi
3 Salmon Belly Mentaiko Aburi
2 Salmon Teriyaki
2 Salmon Nigiri
6 Spicy Salmon Maki
6 Salmon Hosomaki
5 Slices of Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi
60 Slices Salmon Sashimi
2 Chef’s Sushi Feast Set B
6 Unagi Fantasy Roll
6 Dragon Maki
6 Superb Ebi Roll
6 Spicy Salmon Miso Roll
6 Aburi Torori Roll
8 Salmon Belly Mentaiko Aburi
Tamgoyaki Set 
4 Unagi Tamago
4 Tamago Ebiko
4 Tamago Mentaiko Aburi
Nigiri Aburi 
2 pcs Mentaiko Tamago Aburi
2 pcs Unagi Aburi
2 pcs Salmon Belly Mentaiko Aburi
2 pcs Salmon wasabi Aburi
2 pcs Hamachi Belly Cheese Miso Aburi
2 pcs Tuna Teriyaki Aburi