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This aburi sushi tray is so good that I’ve got to Taste and Tell you all about it

By:  DIANE NICOLE GO - July 29 2020

ICYMI (which I highly doubt you have), sushi bake is the food trend now. It’s basically a cross between a casserole and sushi— a rich and indulgent treat. And rightfully so. It’s made up of rice, seafood, and some creamy element— usually mayonnaise, cheese, or a mix of both. To partake, just get deep into the layers, add it to your nori, and enjoy.




Trying Out Trendy Foods (COVID edition) - Roaming Koreanas

By:  Roaming Koreans - Sep 8 2020


Rappler Food Businesses: Day in the life: Making sushi bake with Taste and Tell MNL

By:  Steph Arnaldo - Oct 1 2020

We go behind-the-scenes of sushi bake business Taste and Tell MNL's home kitchen.

Think "quarantine food trend" and what immediately comes to mind? Let us guess: it was sushi bake.

If we're right, there's no surprise there – months after its lockdown debut, the sushi bake still remains a household hit.

In the sea of sushi bake options, Taste and Tell MNL stands out, partly because they're pioneers, having born early in the lockdown. To date, they've already amassed 17,600 followers (and their own website) in just over 4 months of business.



Small Business Owners Share The Best Food Photography Tricks They've Learned

By:  Patricia Melliza - Sep 2 2020

Aside from reviews, customers depend a lot on photos when deciding if certain items online are worth splurging for, so it pays to put a little more effort when shooting your products—especially if you're selling food!

If you feel like you're not particularly skilled in taking photos, don't worry! Previously, we interviewed a professional photographer for tips on how you can take photos for your online business. Below, a couple of small business owners also shared the best food photography tricks they've learned while growing their own brands.



Yes, Laksa Sushi Bake Exists and Here’s Where You Can Get It

By:  Apple Bruselas - Aug 19 2020

Craving for a Southeast Asian kind of bake?

From sushi, samgyeopsal, and shawarma, the bake trend continues to surprise us with unique combinations fresh from the oven. This time, local shop Eleven Baker Street brings us their Shrimp Laksa Aburi Sushi Bake, a fusion of the Asian spicy noodle soup and the iconic Japanese dish.





By:  MARCY MINIANO - June 18 2020

After Dalgona coffee and ube cheese pandesal, here comes another quarantine food trend that you’ll surely be craving for the next few weeks. This time, it’s a scrumptious hefty thing called sushi bake (otherwise called baked sushi)! In a nutshell, it’s deconstructed sushi prepared in either a casserole or pan. But unlike traditional sushi that uses raw fish, this one is either torched or baked to perfection.

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Where to Order Sushi Bake in Manila? Here Are 10 Shops To Buy Sushi Bake From

By:  Felicia Dei - Oct 20 2020

Sushi Bake with cream cheese, salmon, unagi and more! Sushi is not the easiest dish to make, and it doesn’t help that this new ‘Sushi Bake’ trend is infiltrating all our social media pages during quarantine nonetheless. So if you don’t exactly have the skills to whip up a pan of baked sushi, here are a couple places that can do just that and more for you. Here, we've listed 12 shops where you can find the best sushi bake in Manila.

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